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Here are some of our clients

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    You pay nothing because we only make money when you do.

  2. We Split the upfront money 50/50

    You get 100% of the backend performance royalties.

  3. Non-Exclusive

    Have other people pitch your music and if they place it you don’t owe us anything.

  4. Leave Anytime

    Just give us 30 days notice.

  5. We don’t re-title tracks

    Or take any of your publishing royalties & you keep 100% of ownership.

  6. Free Tracking System

    See every time your song has been searched, listened to, or licensed in real time.

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Easy Upload


Upload new tracks directly from your desktop. Auto fill lets you copy all the data from one song to another with a click so it’s Fast & Easy.

Targeted Search


Cutting edge search technology ensures that your song will be found by the right person at the right time.

Automated Licensing


Your music will be part of an online software that thousands of companies use to license music.


Licensing professionals with over 100 years of experience & connections that will pitch your music.

Artist Profile


Enhance your Artist Profile by adding Press Photos, Album Art, Bio And Social Media Links so Music Supervisors know who you are.



See all of your Music Licensing Activity, Every Search, Listen, License and Dollar.

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