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Barry Coffing
CEO and Founder of Music

He is a 20 year industry veteren who has tremendous credits to his name. He’s an Emmy losing composer (They call it nominated). He had his own singing career signing to Warner Brothers Records in the 1990′s. (Only in Asia but he sold over 7 records, maybe 8 including his mom) He has written hit songs around the world including the #1 hit “I’ll Come Back To You”. It was #1 in Denmark for over one week and recorded by the Chippendale Dancers. (Dancers a nice word for strippers) As a movie producer he won best producer of the year at the Beverly Hills Film Festiville in 2003. (More of a mercy award because the film took 10 years to finish and 2 of the actors had died before the final edit was done) With countless other disasters to his credit, he is uniquely qualified to steer this ship away from danger. All joking aside he has written & produced over 200 songs in Film & TV including #1 hits and gold selling soundtracks. He has worked with and for almost every major film company and network. It is his knowledge of both sides of the licensing equation that led him to start Music Supervisor Inc.

Contact: barry at musicsupervisor dot com


Julius Robinson
Director of Creative Operations

Julius toils in quiet desperation, a frustrated songwriter and screenwriter who takes out his frustrations on wannabe applicants. Just kidding! He oversees all creative operations including new content provider approvals, song approvals, music catalog searches for pitches on specific scenes requested by the music supervisors. Julius hires and trains all intern staff. He works closely with Barry in all facets of promotion, branding and publicity for
Julius began his professional entertainment career at Paramount’s Famous Music Publishing in 1987. He went on to become West Coast Editor at the music and film trade publication Cash Box Magazine in the late eighties where he wrote cover stories on Paula Abdul, Toto and Frank Zappa. He also freelanced for Creem Metal, BMI Music World, and Entertainment Today. In the nineties, he was a publicist with International Media Network, an entertainment PR company. In the late nineties he worked as a Branding and New Product consultant for Fortune 500 companies through The Chambers Group in Los Angeles. In 2001, he founded Skywriter Productions, a film & TV film/tv song placement company, and eventually teamed with Barry Coffing at MusicSupervisor Inc
Julius has co-written songs and recorded with composers Michael Jay (Celine Dion), Peter Rafelson (Madonna), Jay Gruska (Lois & Clarke), Steve Porcaro (Toto), Peter Byrne (Naked Eyes) Donna Delory (Madonna), Michael Sherwood, (Yes, Lodgic/The Key) Billy Trudel (Elton John) and Barry Coffing. Julius Robinson wrote the screenplay for the film Tortilla Heaven, starring George Lopez released in March 2007 at 80 cineplexes and theaters in Southern California and New Mexico. The film is now available on DVD and cable On Demand.

Contact: Julius at musicsupervisor dot com


Derek Lefholz
Artist Relations & Radio In Retail Director
Born to a band of traveling gypsy’s, the days were long and the nights longer. Through endless searching and self‐discovery, bouts with witches potions and aggressive natives, Derek Lefholz aka. DegreeZero developed an indigenous tongue in the music business. Finding himself on stage, at the fragile age of three, Derek sang backgrounds and jammed with seasoned musicians, including his lead vocalist father.
Through football Championship triumphs, a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Missouri and a certification in Music Production and Engineering from the Recording Workshop(OH), Feature Film Music Supervision, studio engineering, live sound engineering, songwriting, album production, PR, artist consultation and development, distribution and don’t forget feeding the donkeys, Derek garnered an unique scope on a fickle and sometimes erratic industry.
With a move to Nashville and a partnering with the guru behind the Garth Brooks phenom, Derek help discover and develop the intricacies for many artists at all stages in the music business. As his dance music productions reached the charts and the foundation for Derek’s freelance music marketing business was formed, his visions of a technically superior music industry became priority.  With the insecurities of leaving the gypsys behind and joining the Los Angeles fray, Derek and his tribe headed West to join his compadres at, so that through interstellar domination they could Save the Planet with music!
Contact: Derek at musicsupervisor dot com


Wendy Marmo
Vice President of Music Services
Wendy’s interest in music started at about the age of 6 when she begged her mother to buy her the soundtrack to the film “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.  Her older sister heard her playing the Bee Gee’s version, took the cassette from her and introduced her to the Beatles. Her life was never the same again.
She is a closet singer songwriter by night, taking guitar lessons and singing and pretending to be Sheryl Crow in her living room.
By day, she has climbed the corporate ladder of the music industry.  Her first job out of college was as the assistant to the President of Interscope Music Publishing where she got her first experience at pitching songs to artists and for film and television.  She went on to work at MCA Music Publishing where she learned the fundamentals of music publishing and developed her copyright researching skills.  Her position as Director of Film and TV music at MasterSource Music Catalog was allowed her to work directly with music editors and music supervisors and provide them with the music they needed for their films.  She has also held management positions at Priority Records andUniversal Music Group where she became an expert in all forms of music licensing. Wendy and her husband also produced a film, “West of Brooklyn”, which was released in 09/09 by Osiris Entertainment.
She is both extremely creative and resourceful.  She is moved by music, inspired by film and stimulated by business. One of her favorite things in the world is finding just the right music for behind a scene in a movie.  When it’s perfect, she just gets chills.  And then she also has the ability to strike the right deal and administer all the paperwork.   She’s a perfect new addition to!

Contact: Wendy at musicsupervisor dot com


Cindi Avnet
Director of Music Placement
Cindi Avnet torments music supervisors with her relentless and nagging phone calls, always asking the same question: “What the hell are you looking for?” Seriously, she liaisons with the top music executives at all the major studios including Disney/Touchstone/ABC, Sony, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks and others. She also works closely with most of the best-known independent and staff music supervisors working on major films/TV to determine specific song needs and to promote music from the system.
Cindi, cousin of director Jon Avnet, began her entertainment career working with Mitchell Leib (now President, Disney Film Music), as his executive assistant. She went on to become a successful independent song promoter for indie artists in the film/music industry before working with Julius Robinson at Skywriter Productions and Cindi has placed hundreds of songs in major film and TV shows.

Contact: Cindi at musicsupervisor dot com


Holly Fagan
Director of Music Supervisor/Canada

It began on an unassuming vacation to Maui, HI. Holly aka HollyDish found herself at an open mic night where she was invited to join a Maui institution, the band Crazy Fingers with Deon Estus on bass and other talented industry heavy weights. Dish became the rapper in the band for about a year, but had to return home for visa reasons finally. Not to worry timing had it that she lay down her first album Dishology and simultaneously her second unreleased album with an incredible group of musicians in Germany.
Holly’s business mind soon kicked in and she began to understand the licensing, synch and publishing side of music. She built Canada’s fastest growing, non-exclusive, indie music licensing company, Liberty Music Trax, with passion and enthusiasm. Following this, Holly founded her own music supervision and research service; the BOMB Music service. Holly couldn’t be the BOMB on her own just yet! She was happily welcomed into the Music Supervisor Inc. Family and now holds down the Canadian face of operations. For Holly its music for life, you can catch her in a powersuit with the most prominent video game developers by day and rocking the stage with a hot 16 by night. She will never say no to dropping a couple bars….a true hip hop MC by heart and an ever growing business mind.

Contact: holly at musicsupervisor dot com


Ohmare Washington
Director of Urban/Hip-Hop Division

Ohmare Washington began his journey as a musician in 2002, and has sold independent releases Internationally. He’s had songs aired on Eminem’s “Shade 45 Satellite Radio Station, as well as a performance for Deployed U.S. Troops in London, UK. In 2009, he created his own booking agency, Flycat Music Group, and signed up-and-coming hip hop acts.

By 2011, his acts have toured in over 30 Cities, 6 states, and 3 countries. He has also partnered one of his artist (Wes Coas) with West Coast Hip Hop Legend “Knoc-Turnal” to create a mixtape titled, “Can’t Knoc The Wes”. The free-download project created an online buzz, and received over 100,000 downloads to date. Ohmare is also in his last year as a student at Houston Community College for Music Business. in 2010, Ohmare was named the Marketing Director for NARIP (National Association For Record Industry Professionals) . An organization that educates aspiring musicians.

Ohmare is very resourceful in the Urban genre, and has a strong passion for music.

Contact: ohmare at musicsupervisor dot com


Gael MacGregor

Gael MacGregor
Gael started wailing in church at an early age. By age four she was actually singing in the choir instead of causing a ruckus in the pews, and by 12 was also playing the cello and piano (badly). She eventually got better and added the guitar, clarinet, flute & percussion to her repertoire since the marching band frowned on wheeling a cello down the football field. Discovering that principal cellist in an orchestra really means “frustrated opera singer” Gael decided to take her chords from the pit to the stage. She soon found out that opera folks were even more odd than those in the orchestra, so after a stint as a “folkie” decided that musical theatre might be a litter safer and saner. She was wrong, but since they were paying her, Gael performed for a number of years in dinner theatres throughout the U.S. Over the years, Gael also sang in operas, clubs & cabarets, performed in orchestras and with groups as musically diverse as R&B, blues, country, rock & big bands—becoming a virtual musicologist along the way. Gael was also honing her skills as an arranger and music copyist, so by the time she was fronting bands & touring the world on someone else’s dime, she was also annoying guitar players when she told them to take the 9th or 13th out of the chord. Back in the U.S. Gael decided being in charge of her own band was too much work for too little money, so sang back-up in the studio and on stage for everyone and their dog (including Dick Dale, Aretha Franklin & practically every Elvis impersonator you can name)—teaming up with Barry along the way.
Gael’s musical prowess has served her well in the licensing arena because she can speak musician and suit. She’s an artist who’s actually organized and can run an office as deftly as she can toss off a soulful blues lick. You didn’t think that she just sat around in-between gigs, did you? She was the Super Temp when not musically occupied.
Gael eventually landed a job at a music supervision house where she acted as music supervisor for six films and three TV series, and did music coordination and administration for many others. Gael decided she wanted the credit for her supervisory efforts, and has been working as an indie supervisor since.
Gael wears this dual hat for, consulting in both the creative and licensing arenas. She has licensed her own songs and recordings in film & TV so can liaison with music supervisors and artists and annoy the legal eagles about administrative & licensing details—sneaking off to record when she can spare the time, since she’d like to release her latest CD before she needs a walker onstage.

Contact: gael at musicsupervisor dot us



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